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Applying for Life Insurance

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    Why do you need to know my medical history?

    We need to know your medical history so that we can provide you with accurate quotes. Life insurance policies are priced and underwritten based on your health.

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    Why am I being asked to have a medical examination or blood test?

    If an insurer determines that you are a ‘higher risk’, you’ll be asked to visit your GP for a health check and this information is then shared with the insurer.

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    Why can’t I see paperwork before choosing to take out a policy?

    Life insurance documentation is generated once a policy is sold. It is therefore not possible to generate paperwork for a policy that doesn’t exist yet.

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    Do I pay more to set up a policy through a broker?

    Generally, your life insurance policy will not cost more through a broker. In some cases it may be cheaper due to our preferential rates with some insurers.

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    Can I choose who gets my life insurance payout?

    If you choose to put your life insurance policy into Trust you legally state receives your life insurance payout. Alternatively you can write a Will.

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    Can I set up a life insurance policy for someone else?

    You cannot buy life insurance in somebody else’s name, unless you have Power of Attorney. Protect Line must speak to the applicant for data protection.


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