Critical Illness

When you’re healthy, the possibility of becoming critically ill doesn’t bear thinking about. However, debilitating illnesses can strike even the strongest of us and the financial results alone can be devastating. No one likes to consider getting ill or the implications that would have for those who rely on you but, with Critical Illness cover, you can make sure you’re ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

If you suffer a stroke or heart attack, or develop cancer or another serious illness which meets the insurer’s specifications, you will receive your Critical Illness insurance sum while you’re still alive – to support yourself and your family at a time when you may be unable to do so yourself. This kind of insurance is invaluable to those who have been forced to leave their job due to the severity of their illness, or have lost their independence and require costly care for their condition. What’s more, many insurers will even include some level of cover for your children at no extra cost, too. With all of our insurers, a Critical Illness Cover policy will even pay out if you die, just as a life insurance policy would.

You can choose to add Critical Illness cover to a standard life insurance policy at an extra charge (excluding an Over 50s plan), or take it out separately. When considering Critical Illness Cover, it’s imperative to consider which illnesses your family has a history of developing, and which insurer covers these. While every insurance company provides a long list of illnesses which they consider ‘critical’, they do vary and, if you develop an illness that is not on your insurer’s list, you won’t be covered.

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Plans may not cover all the definitions of a critical illness. The definitions vary between product providers and will be described in the key features and policy document if you go ahead with a plan.


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