Over 50s Non-Medical

If life begins at 50, why shouldn’t Life Insurance follow suit? With an Over 50s Non-Medical Life Insurance policy, anyone between the ages of 50 and 80 is guaranteed to be accepted. For many who have never considered Life Insurance before, an Over 50s plan lets people rest easy knowing that funeral expenses will be paid for, or their family will receive a sum of money to help when they’re gone. As the name suggests, this policy is specially designed to accommodate those over the age of 50 who are looking for Life Insurance but have been unsuccessful with standard cover; you are guaranteed to be accepted because you aren’t required to attend any medical examinations. Your premium payments will freeze when you reach 90, and you will have free cover for the rest of your life.

This is a type of ‘Whole of Life’ policy, meaning that it has no expiry date so it will pay out whenever you pass away, as long as you pay your premiums.  However, because of the nature of the policy, it can be cheaper and more comprehensive to consider a standard Whole of Life plan if you are in good health. Visit our High-Risk Factors page to find out more.

There is usually a one-to-two year moratorium (a period of time where the insurer will not pay out if the holder dies) at the start of the policy which prohibits payment during this time unless your death is caused by an accident.

What’s more, with Protect Line’s free Trust arrangement service, your loved ones will be able to access the total insurance amount as soon as it is made available and could avoid lofty inheritance tax.

It’s never too late to start thinking about Life Insurance. Call us today for a no-obligations Over 50s Life Insurance quote.


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