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    Who can receive my life insurance payout?

    You can put your life insurance policy into a Trust. By doing this, a pay out would bypass your Estate and instead go direct to your chosen beneficiaries.

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    I didn’t disclose a medical condition on my policy – is it still valid?

    Unfortunately not. If you did not disclose a medical condition that you knowingly had at the time of application, then your life insurance policy is not valid.

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    Can I cancel my policy?

    If you’ve considered the potential consequences of cancelling then please fill out a cancellation request form and we will action this for you.

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    How do I update my address?

    Contact us to ensure your insurance documents are kept up to date, to prevent any problems or delays in a potential life insurance pay out.

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    Can I make changes to my existing policy?

    If you wish to increase the amount of cover you have it may be possible to do this without having to answer any new lifestyle or medical questions.

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    Can I reduce my monthly insurance payments?

    Yes, Protect Line will be able to reduce your monthly payments. However, this could impact how much cover you can get and how long you’ll be covered for.


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