Whole of Life

Why life insurance?

Whether it’s a priceless heirloom or the money to help pay for university fees, leaving something behind for those we love is a wish many of us have for the future. While a cheque can’t bring back a beloved family member, not having to worry about money at a time of grief is an incredible relief for those who love you. However, just saving enough to cover funeral expenses, cash gifts, outstanding loans, and more by yourself can be difficult to quantify and manage

Why whole of live?

Often called ‘life assurance’, a Whole of Life policy guarantees a pay-out regardless of when you die, and has no expiry date. As long as you pay your monthly premiums, you can relax knowing that there is enough money aside to cover whatever you may leave undone.

What are the benefits?

The sum of your personal savings and belongings alone could leave your relatives with a large Inheritance Tax, not to mention that these things are often difficult to access and slow to benefit those closest to you. A Whole of Life Insurance policy gives you the peace of mind that your loved ones will receive a cash sum when you pass away.

What’s more, your family doesn’t need to be subjected to a hefty inheritance tax on the pay-out as we offer a free Trust arrangement service – allowing them access the full insurance sum as soon as it is made available.

Are there any considerations?

This type of policy spans your whole life rather than a term, it is usually cheaper than an Over 50s policy if you’re in good health. If you do not require whole of live cover, you may find a term policy is cheaper.

With all policies, there are certain professions, hobbies, and lifestyle factors which your insurer will look at to determine how much of a ‘risk’ it might be to insure you. Visit our High-Risk Factors page to find out more.

Under 90? It’s not too late to start thinking about life insurance. Call us today for a no-obligations Whole of Life Insurance quote.


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