Posted 14th November 2023 by James Holden

How to choose the best Life Insurance broker for you

There are around 195 life insurance companies authorised to operate in the UK, so choosing the right one for you is not necessarily a simple… Read More

Posted 6th September 2023 by James Holden

30% Cancer Patients Suffer up to £10,000 in Lost Earnings

New research from charity Young Lives vs Cancer, sponsored by Guardian, found that 3 in 10 cancer patients (30%) lose earnings of up to… Read More

Posted 8th August 2023 by James Holden

1 in 5 people in England to be living with major illness by 2040

According to a new report by The Health Foundation, 9.1 million people in England are expected to live with major illness by 2040, which… Read More

Posted 16th June 2023 by James Holden

Is Google’s ‘Life Insurance’ Benefit The Best In The World?

Google is one of the world’s largest companies, specialising in online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software and hardware. With revenues of… Read More

Posted 10th February 2023 by James Holden

Can you get Cancer Insurance?

Being diagnosed with cancer is often sudden, usually unexpected and always life-changing. Unfortunately, cancer diagnosis are not uncommon and almost all of us will be… Read More

Posted 20th January 2023 by James Holden

What conditions are covered by Critical Illness Insurance?

A comprehensive list of conditions covered by a UK critical illness insurance policy can be difficult to find, as every insurer covers slightly different… Read More

Posted 1st June 2022 by James Holden

British Consumers Choose Non-Advised

Since the UK insurance industry began in the 1700’s, those looking for level term life insurance would mostly seek the help of an advisor,… Read More

Posted 30th May 2022 by James Holden

Cervical Cancer Screening

Covid-19 may be the virus everyone’s been talking about the last two years, but this Cervical Screening Awareness Week (20th June–26th June 2022) Protect Line… Read More

Posted 28th April 2022 by James Holden

Families Prepared to Sacrifice Luxuries & Entertainment to Keep Life Protection

Individual protection has been ranked as the commodity people in the UK are least likely to give up due to increasing cost of living. According… Read More

Posted 12th November 2021 by James Holden

Protect Line picks up 5 awards in 2021

Life insurance broker Protect Line has scooped the ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ award at the Poole Business Awards 2021, sponsored by Dutton Gregory Solicitors. Read More

Posted 8th September 2021 by James Holden

Alternatives to Life Insurance

How would your family financially cope if you were to pass away? At Protect Line, we ask this question to almost everyone we speak to. Read More

Posted 20th August 2021 by Chris Reed

Do critical illness policies pay out?

In the UK, there’s a deep-rooted mistrust between consumers and insurance companies. Life insurance and critical illness companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority… Read More

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