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I’ve received loads of calls from you – how can I make this stop?

Firstly, we apologise if our attempts to contact you have been a frustration – we’ve made it our mission to get families protected and know how important peace of mind is to our customers.

If you decide you don’t want the calls, you can answer a call and inform one of our team who will make sure your number won’t be called again unless you request another quote in the future.

Another option is to use our Opt Out Form and request for us to stop contacting you.

We’re very strict with how your data is handled and processed.

Why are you calling me? I want an online quote.

Unlike car and home insurance, life insurance can sometimes get a little complicated when factoring in your health and lifestyle – that’s why it’s always better to speak to a real person than take your chances with a form online.

When you also consider that we’re dealing in massive sums of money, you want to make sure that everything is 100% correct and that, ultimately, your family are protected properly. It would be awful if your family had to make a claim only to find out the policy wasn’t suitable for their needs. This is one of the reasons our calls are recorded – to help if a dispute arises in the future.

We also believe that speaking with a genuine person ensures that we fully understand your needs and requirements and what you want your policy to do for you and your family. This makes sure you have the right cover in place so you have peace of mind knowing everything is done and dusted. Have a particular question about life insurance you need answering before picking up the phone? Read our Ultimate Guide to Life Insurance for more information about types of cover, how much you might need, the costs involved and how easy it is to cancel at any time.

Is this a pushy sales phone call?

Protect Line are non-advisory brokers, meaning we’re only allowed to give you the facts and not our opinions. Ultimately this means that the decision of which policy you take is completely yours – we’re not incentivised to push you down a route that isn’t right for you.

As an independent broker we search a large panel of well-known insurance companies to find the right cover for you at the cheapest prices. We’re a free service and get paid by insurers if you not only take out a policy, but also if you maintain your payments. This means it’s always in our best interest to give you plenty of time to think about the long-term commitment that is life insurance, so we won’t push you to make any decisions on the spot.

As one of the leading UK life insurance brokers we’re rated 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot with 40,000+ positive reviews. Read our reviews to see for yourself how other British families were pleased they spoke to us on the phone about their life insurance.

All help centre articles are designed to help give generic information to UK consumers. Protect Line operates on a non-advised basis, so no help centre article should be considered as advice or an indication of the terms and conditions of your policy. Insurers also update their terms and conditions from time to time and while Protect Line endeavours to keep all information up to date, there is a chance the information on these pages may become outdated. All information is correct at the time of publication. To ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions of your policy please read all your documents and contact us for clarification if there is something you do not understand.

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