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Why is my application taking so long?

A life insurance application can take as little as twenty minutes but on average it takes just over an hour. In some cases, an application can take several months. The reason for the latter is due to an insurer requesting certain checks outside of Protect Line’s control, including GP exams, blood tests or other medical results. Whilst the application itself doesn’t take too long, it is very possible for external delays which make it feel like the process is being dragged out.
Where your application is expected to be delayed due to insurer checks, Protect Line will assign you a dedicated account manager. This person will be your point of contact throughout the application process and will liaise between you, the insurer, and any medical facility that you are engaging with. If the delays are expected to be significant, or your application is declined, Protect Line may contact you regarding alternative options which may be suitable to you.
It can be frustrating when your life insurance application takes a long time. However, it is important to consider the bigger picture. Is a potential life-changing pay-out to your loved ones upon your death worth the time the application is taking?
We understand if you are feeling like you want to withdraw your application because it is taking too long. Before you make the decision to withdraw your application, please consider the consequences to your family if you do not get life insurance. It is also worth considering that if you wish to apply again in the future, perhaps with a different broker, you will be starting from square one.

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