Making Life Insurance Accessible For Younger Generations

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Life Insurance can be a scary topic. Many people avoid the entire conversation of death, but it’s not their fault! Yes, talking about death can be uncomfortable, but there’s science to back up why we all think “it won’t happen to me”. A fascinating recent study from the university of Israel showed some very interesting findings:

On one level, everybody knows that they are going to die, said study lead author Yair Dor-Ziderman, who was a doctoral student at the Bar Ilan University in Israel at the time of the study. But Dor-Ziderman and his team hypothesized that when it comes to our own deaths, there’s something in our brains that simply can’t understand “the idea of ending, of nothing, of complete annihilation.” (Source: – 2019)

It makes sense that to live well, we cannot be constantly considering the “what ifs” in life. However, this mentality is often at odds with our instincts as parents to protect our children. This can lead to us putting off decisions surrounding protection and then left feeling guilty.

As a broker, that’s helped over 250,000 families find protection, Protect Line has spoken to literally millions of families about this very topic. “It’s typical to find the older generations coming forward to discuss protection in a more proactive way,” said David Brewer, Co-Owner and Founder of Protect Line. “We find that the 50+ market are more aware of the reality of their situations and often proactively looking for cover. Our business is passionate about protecting families of all ages, so we see it as our responsibility to educate and advertise in such a way that we speak to younger generations too.”

Protect Line has been advertising on Social Media platforms and has successfully engaged a wide spectrum of ages, but they’re not finished yet. The Protect Line Marketing team has designed a host of diverse campaigns that will run at various times throughout 2021 and 2022.

They will base their newest campaign around a song they’ve had written and recorded specifically for a younger audience. David continues, “We’re trying to break the ice on this topic. Protection can be a very wooden and stiff conversation, and it doesn’t need to be. We’re trying to add a dose of fun to the conversation, not to detract from the seriousness of the cover but to open up the accessibility of it. We hope people like what we’ve produced, and will engage with it positively.”

Protect Line will release their new song initially attached to 3 videos. You can preview these videos below:



Protection plans with no investment link will have no cash in value at any time and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are not maintained, then cover will lapse.

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