Mortgage Protection

Why life insurance?

we believe that death shouldn’t mean debt, and we want to help you pave a financially secure future for your family in case the worst should happen. We can’t fill the hole you would leave, but we can give your family peace of mind knowing your investment will secure their future.

Why mortgage protection?

Mortgage Protection, or a ‘Decreasing Term’, Life Insurance policy provides a decreasing sum of protection over a chosen period of time, usually to cover the money owed on your repayment mortgage. Just as the amount you owe on your mortgage decreases over time, so does the amount you are insured for. This ensures that, should you die before your mortgage is fully repaid, your family can use the sum to repay the loan in full and own your home outright.

What are the benefits?

The sum doesn’t have to be used for mortgage repayment, so if your family wants to sell your home, or repay the mortgage with their own money, the sum can be used for whatever they wish.

Your family doesn’t need to be subjected to a hefty inheritance tax on the pay-out as we offer a free Trust arrangement service – allowing them access the full insurance sum as soon as it is made available.

Are there any considerations?

It could be worth considering a Level Term plan if you think your family may want to sell your home or pay the mortgage with their own money as this type of policy means your cover stays the same throughout the length of the policy.

With all policies, there are certain professions, hobbies, and lifestyle factors which your insurer will look at to determine how much of a ‘risk’ it might be to insure you. Visit our High-Risk Factors page to find out more.

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