Posted 3rd March 2021 by Chris Reed

The secret to increasing life insurance most people forget – GIOs

Guaranteed Insurability Option – GIO You read all the terms and conditions when you took out life insurance, right? No? You’re not alone. Yet lurking… Read More

Posted 23rd February 2021 by James Holden

What is Death in Service Insurance?

Death in service is an optional tax-free work benefit provided by some employers, usually as a way to attract and retain staff. It means that… Read More

Posted 16th February 2021 by Chris Reed

Mortgage Life Insurance

Buying a property in the UK can be an anxious and stressful experience, and it can also be a very expensive time when factoring in… Read More

Posted 15th February 2021 by James Holden

Life Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals

If you have a net worth of over £670,000 then you’re in the richest tenth of individuals in the UK1 and should consider ways to protect… Read More

Posted 26th January 2021 by Chris Reed

Can you have more than one Life Insurance policy?

If you are questioning if you can have more then one life insurance policy, you are not alone. This is one of the most frequently… Read More

Posted 21st January 2021 by James Holden

Life Insurance for Under 30s

Life Insurance is the legal requirement for an insurance company to pay a fixed sum to your family if you were to pass away during… Read More

Posted 14th January 2021 by James Holden

Life Insurance for Healthcare Workers

If you work for the NHS, either as nurse, doctor, paramedic or other UK healthcare practitioner, then you’ll be well aware of just how precious… Read More

Posted 11th January 2021 by James Holden

The Ultimate Guide To UK Life Insurance in 2021

Why is Life Insurance important in 2021? It’s no secret that the cost of living in the United Kingdom is expensive, especially if you have… Read More

Posted 27th November 2020 by Lewis Murray

Is Life Insurance worth buying?

Is Life Insurance worth buying? The Ultimate Life Insurance Quotes Guide Why You Should Compare Life Insurance Quotes Nowadays you are used to being able… Read More

Posted 1st June 2020 by Lewis Murray

How does Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect Life Insurance?

*Updated, March 2021* Does Life Insurance cover the Coronavirus? Yes. The process of applying and claiming for life insurance hasn’t changed due to Coronavirus. The… Read More

Posted 24th April 2020 by Lewis Murray

Coronavirus, Life Insurance, and You

It’s safe to say that nobody would have expected 2020 to turn out this way… bushfires wreaking havoc across Australia, biblical flooding across the UK… Read More

Posted 10th February 2020 by Lara Maynard

Give the gift of love to your future self

I had to remove the words ‘life insurance’ (ssssh) from the title of this story because well, would you really have read any further? Probably… Read More