Posted 24th April 2020 by Lewis Murray

Coronavirus, Life Insurance, and You

It’s safe to say that nobody would have expected 2020 to turn out this way… bushfires wreaking havoc across Australia, biblical flooding across the UK… Read More

Posted 7th December 2016 by Lewis Murray

Indoor Christmas activities for the whole family

Decorating & Writing Christmas Cards Of course the easy option is to pop over to the nearest shop and purchase the most festive pack for… Read More

Posted 22nd November 2016 by Lewis Murray

Slow Cooker Curry Recipes

With the cold weather and dark nights upon us, there’s nothing you could want more than a hearty, nutritious and warming dinner. Slow cookers are… Read More

Posted 16th November 2016 by Lewis Murray

Healthy Bakes

It’s that time of year when hearty meals, baked goods and hot soups are the only thing to take the chill off and satisfy a… Read More

Posted 24th October 2016 by Lewis Murray

Our favourite things about Autumn & Winter

With the change of season we can’t help but think of our favourite things about this time of year. So we’ve asked a handful of… Read More

Posted 21st October 2016 by Lewis Murray

Family Friendly Spooky Halloween Recipes

With Halloween creeping up around the corner, we’ve been thinking of ways to get into the spooky spirit, quite literally. From ghouls to mummies, bats… Read More

Posted 10th October 2016 by Lewis Murray

Benefits of Chocolate

We’re celebrating #ChocolateWeek with an informative blog post on the not so known health benefits of chocolate. Now when you pick up your next bar… Read More

Posted 15th September 2016 by Lewis Murray

How to Tackle Stress & Anxiety

When life takes an unexpected turn, it can be easy to think that it will never be harmonious again. Whether it’s the stresses of a… Read More

Posted 9th September 2016 by Lewis Murray

Vegetarian Recipe Round-up

We’ve rounded up a great variety of Vegetarian recipes, to inspire you to go meat free once a week. There are many benefits of a… Read More

Posted 1st September 2016 by Lewis Murray

Ways to be more Eco-friendly

Earlier in the year we saw an introduction of the 5p plastic bag charge, which has made a big impact on our consumer habits. Inspire Wildlife… Read More

Posted 26th August 2016 by Lewis Murray

Garden Activities for Children

While the British Summer holds out there’s still plenty of time to be had enjoying the garden. With more and more parents worried about how… Read More

Posted 28th July 2016 by Lewis Murray

What makes a lasting relationship?

Carrying on our theme of celebrating relationships, we’ve also asked a handful more of our staff what makes a lasting… Read More