Our Charity of the Year

In our line of work, we are lucky enough to help people protect their families from the huge financial pressures of losing a loved one; however, we recognise that there is always more we can do to help those who are in need.

2015 Winston's Wish

Donating to Winston's Wish was our way of giving something to those who are affected in ways money alone can't repair. Children and teenagers who lose someone close to them need a special kind of support . By providing them with an outlet for their grief and a system to support them throughout the process, Winston's Wish help over 30,000 children a year and, because they do such a fantastic job, they're reaching more and more people every day.

Winston's Wish's services include inviting children to online and group spaces so they can engage and discuss their situations in solidarity with one another, enlisting the help of psychiatrists and support workers so that children can rationalise and voice their grief, and maintaining a helpline for children and carers alike. This life-changing work can only be done with the help of donations.

Our donation have come from internal and external events. Highlights have included a skydive and dunking a member of staff in baked beans! Our staff also give monthly through their payroll. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to gain a relationship with such brilliant and worthwhile cause.

2016 - 2017 The British Heart Foundation

Last year we embarked on another exciting journey with The British Heart Foundation. For many of us at Protect Line, this charity has close connections to our personal lives as well as having a strong link to the work we do here. We had new and interesting fundraising opportunities. Again, our focus was on internal and external events- involving all of our staff in our mission!


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