Posted 16th July 2021 by Chris Reed

What’s the average life insurance cost in the UK?

How much does life insurance cost? The average cost of life insurance in 2021 is £31.77 according to data from Protect Line[1]. While the lowest priced cover… Read More

Posted 24th June 2021 by Chris Reed

Vape Friendly Life Insurance

2.7 Million UK adults use a vape or e-cigarette according to That’s around 6% of the population. While smoking tobacco based products (including… Read More

Posted 1st June 2021 by Chris Reed

Royal London Removes COVID-19 Restrictions

Royal London is updating its underwriting philosophy put in place last year because of Covid-19 from 24th May. Changes will apply to all new… Read More

Posted 17th May 2021 by Chris Reed

Protect Line Appoints Pedro Coimbra Fernandes as Chief Financial Officer

Award-winning life insurance broker Protect Line welcome Pedro Coimbra Fernandes to their ever-growing organisation as Chief Financial Officer. Protect Line have grown to 270 employees… Read More

Posted 5th May 2021 by Chris Reed

Making Life Insurance Accessible For Younger Generations

Life Insurance can be a scary topic. Many people avoid the entire conversation of death, but it’s not their fault! Yes, talking about death can… Read More

Posted 4th May 2021 by Chris Reed

11 Reasons To Use A Life Insurance Broker In 2021

What is a life insurance broker? A life insurance broker compares quotes from a range of life insurance companies for you. Their service makes finding… Read More

Posted 3rd March 2021 by Chris Reed

The secret to increasing life insurance most people forget – GIOs

Guaranteed Insurability Option – GIO You read all the terms and conditions when you took out life insurance, right? No? You’re not alone. Yet lurking… Read More

Posted 16th February 2021 by Chris Reed

Mortgage Life Insurance

Buying a property in the UK can be an anxious and stressful experience, and it can also be a very expensive time when factoring in… Read More

Posted 3rd February 2021 by Chris Reed

World Cancer Day – 4th February 2021

Thursday 4th February is World Cancer Day. 2021 marks the 21st World Cancer Day led by the Union of International Cancer Control… Read More

Posted 29th January 2021 by Chris Reed

How Is The Pandemic Affecting Families?

This week the UK Government have released new data to show how UK families have been affected in the latest lockdown. The Office of National… Read More

Posted 29th January 2021 by Chris Reed

Smokers Are 57% More Likely To Cancel Their Life Insurance

Shocking stats show that smokers are 57% more likely to cancel their life insurance policy than non-smokers. These figures released by Protect… Read More

Posted 26th January 2021 by Chris Reed

Can you have more than one Life Insurance policy?

If you are questioning if you can have more then one life insurance policy, you are not alone. This is one of the most frequently… Read More