UK Mums Are Rushing To Get Up To £300,000 Life Cover From Only £10 per month*

Lara Maynard, Protect Line

By Lara Maynard Last updated 2nd March 2021


Did you know that Life Insurance is a great way to protect your family from financial hardships and provide stability for the future? Everyone wants to make sure their family will be cared for when they're gone, but did you know that more than half (58%) of men in the UK with dependant children don't have life insurance? (Scottish Widows, June 2018) At Protect Line, we believe that everyone should be protected and have made it our mission to educate about the importance of having cover in place, how life insurance can actually be much cheaper than you think and could be an inexpensive way to protect your loved ones.

Protect Line provides a quote comparison service where users can find the right protection plan to suit them and their needs. Many customers are pleasantly surprised when they receive their quotes because they're often much cheaper than expected. For just £10 a month you could protect your family with £300,000 of level cover for 30 years if you're aged 30 and have an ideal lifestyle.*

What if tomorrow never comes?

Would your family be able to cope with the financial burdens that would arise if you weren't around or if you were critically ill?*** We feel the number of unprotected families is far too high and want more people to protect their loved ones with a life insurance policy.

Did you know that on average every 22 minutes a child in the UK loses a parent? (Child Bereavement Network, 2015)

And only 50% of UK households with a mortgage have a life insurance policy in place? (, 2018)

Our customers are extremely happy with the service we provide - Protect Line has protected over 200,000 families since being founded in 2010 and we are the #1 Specialist Life Insurance Broker on Trustpilot, voted for entirely by real customers.

You can find out why so many people use our services to help protect their families by comparing quotes with us. We offer a non-advisory service, so we'll only ever provide you with the facts; not our opinions. We are completely open, honest and transparent with our customers and will work with you to help you save money on your life insurance.

How do I get life insurance?

Simply use our quoting service to find the best life insurance quotes for you. It couldn't be any easier and you could get protected today. Our process is easy and we are here to help at any step.

No Life Insurance? Your family could be at risk!

Simple, easy, stress-free service

Facts, not opinions

No fees

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