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What are the benefits of insuring with OneFamily?

Learn about OneFamily insurance, with over 2 million customers and 45 years’ experience, specialising in over 50s life plans and the benefits of insuring with OneFamily.

There are 8 billion people on this planet, and if the average size of a family, worldwide, is approximately 4.9 people (the other 0.1 person has runoff to join the circus) then that makes just over 1 billion families existing side by side, globally. Yet all it takes is OneFamily to protect yours.

OneFamily life insurance focuses solely on those age 50 and above, guaranteeing a pay-out because they are insuring you for the whole of your life. There are a range of benefits infused into OneFamily life insurance, but perhaps the most impactful benefit is the surge of relief you get with your policy, knowing that whatever happens from here on out, your family’s future is protected.

OneFamily provides you with peace of mind, with protection and with the promise that they’ve got your back, right up to the end – and then beyond it. They also offer a range of additional benefits to its customers with over 50s life insurance cover. These include:

A brief introduction to OneFamily

OneFamily has roots winding back to 1975 as the Family Assurance Friendly Society Limited (because don’t we all want societies to be friendly?), renaming to Family Investments in 2004. Its other roots splayed into 1980, as the Homeowners Friendly Society (here’s to hoping they never become unfriendly), renamed in 2005 to Engage Mutual Assurance.

In 2015, Engage Mutual and Family Investments merged, like the birds and the bees in true family making style – and OneFamily was born.

A member-owned business with over 2 million customers and 45 years’ experience, based in Brighton and specialising in over 50s life insurance products (as well as other financial products like insurance bonds, lifetime ISAs and mortgages), Protect Line quickly realised they wanted OneFamily to become part of our family.

Which is why the only over 50s life insurance policy Protect Line currently sells, is OneFamily’s.

What products does OneFamily offer?

OneFamily offer Over 50s Life Insurance and various other products, some of which are listed below:

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Over 50s life insurance

With the over 50s plan life cover, you can pay from as little as £10 a month (the monthly premium) for a guaranteed payout (the cover) upon your passing. This type of life insurance policy is classed as a non-medical policy, meaning that there are no medical examinations or health questions regarding your medical history required in order to qualify. You are guaranteed acceptance if you’re a UK resident between the ages of 50 and 80.

This type of life insurance cover enables you to prepare for the cost of dying, knowing that there’s a cash lump-sum left for your loved ones to cover funeral costs and other existential expenses – all for the small price of your monthly premiums.

For more information on over 50s life insurance, Protect Line have written an in-depth guide on our blog.

Note: you could pay in more than what pays out.

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Various other protection products

Other products by OneFamily include:

  • Investments and ISAs
  • Equity release
  • Child trust funds

*Note: Not all types of cover listed above are available through Protect Line. Our specialists will be able to give you the options available to you and compare these against the insurers on our panel.

For quotes on OneFamily policies, fill out our online quote form and have a chat with our friendly and professional team to help you find what you’re looking for.

5 Benefits of insuring with OneFamily

OneFamily offer a range of additional benefits to its customers with over 50s life insurance cover. These include:

1. Accidental death benefit with your over 50s cover

Accidental death cover applies if you pass away due to an unfortunate accident within the first two years of your policy, meaning the policy will pay out a cash lump-sum of up to 300% of the sum assured.

For example, if the cover agreed within your policy is a life insurance payout of £5,000, then should you die within 24 months of taking out that policy, your family could be paid up to £15,000.

Even if the cause of your death wasn’t accidental, and took place during the moratorium period (during the initial 2 years), you’d still get a payout of 150% of the premiums paid.

Dead good, right?

2. OneFamily terminal illness benefit included as standard

OneFamily’s over 50s cover is the only over 50s product on the market to offer the terminal illness benefit as a standard part of the policy.

It means that if after two years of taking out your over 50s life insurance, you then at any point become diagnosed with a terminal illness – defined as having less than 12 months to live – then 100% of your cover will be paid out to you upon making a claim.

For example, say you were to have a stroke that has left you in need of palliative care, and likely to pass away from the effects – then the terminal illness benefit would pay out.

However, if you recovered fully, then it would not. Depending on the severity, your terminal illness cover has the potential to pay out.

3. OneFamily funeral funding built in for the 50s policies

Life is priceless. Death is pricey. Did you know that the average cost of a funeral, plus any additional dealings of that person’s estate, is around £9,200 in the UK, as of 2022?

The cost of dying is not an expense we like to think about, so when you’re unexpectedly expected to deal with such sizeable costs alongside dealing with infinitely weightier grief – it can be debilitating.

Which is why, with every OneFamily over 50s cover, you get an additional £300 contribution as part of the funeral benefit option, to put towards the cost of your funeral (this does not apply to direct cremation funerals).

Provided by Golden Charter, one of the UK’s largest funeral plan providers, working alongside a nationwide network of funeral directors, you’ll be appointed a local funeral director to take care of any funeral arrangements and be that extra support for your family – and is paid directly to Golden Charter, along with the full sum-assured.

With this benefit, you are able to specify exactly what requests you might have for your own funeral, given directly to your funeral provider. To ease the burden on your loved ones and to be as involved with your death as you are with your life.

(And you can opt-out of this benefit at any time, instead leaving the sum-assured money for your family. If you do opt-out, you can always change your mind and opt back in later on).

4. No premiums to pay on your over 50s policy when you turn 90

With OneFamily over 50s life insurance, as long as you have continually paid your monthly premiums beforehand, once you turn 90, you no longer have to pay each month to be entitled to cover.

Your cover will still pay out upon your passing, but until then, from 90 onwards, there are no more monthly premiums attached.

Because let’s face it, you’ve lived for 9 decades! You’ve paid your dues. The rest is on us.

5. Health support provided by RedArc nurses

Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Sometimes the sun slips below the horizon and the roses wither away. It’s there in the darkness when you’re drooping into yourself that you need support the most.

That’s why OneFamily have teamed up with RedArc – a company that prides themselves on being “at your side, on your side” – providing those with over 50s life insurance cover with personal nurses who are there to offer emotional and professional support, guidance and advice to whoever is in need of it, at no extra cost (this is also available to your immediate family, too).

On top of this, a second medical opinion, a one-off home visit from a nurse, and complementary therapy and physiotherapy are also available. Because life insurance covers the future, but RedArc helps the present heal. It’s a valuable benefit that will remain with you every day.

“What a kind and sensitive service for an insurance company to provide” – a RedArc patient.

What they said.

Are you interested in an over 50s policy? Get your OneFamily life insurance quotes here.


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Why should I insure with OneFamily?

If you’re under 50, you shouldn’t. But other than that, though Protect Line are non-advisory and will never encourage you to take out life insurance with a specific insurer, we pride ourselves on providing all the facts you might need to make an informed insurance decision. Which is why we have compiled data comparing Protect Line’s OneFamily insurance against the over 50s policies of various other insurers (that are not available through Protect Line):

Cover AmountAge you stop payingTerminal illness benefit includedFlexible premiumDefaqto rating
Protectline Logo
£5,217Age 90Yes
yes icon
yes icon
5 stars
Royal London Insurer Logo
£4,959Age 90No
no icon
yes icon
2 stars
Aviva Insurer Logo
£4,721Age 90 or 30 years (whichever is sooner)No
no icon
no icon
5 stars
Sun Life Insurer Logo
no icon
no icon
4 stars
National Assurance Insurer Logo
£3,936Age 85No
no icon
yes icon
5 stars

The figures in the above over 50s life cover comparison table are for a 60 year-old non-smoker, whose premium is £20 a month. This table is designed to compare levels of cover that may be available. It is not a comprehensive comparison of all product benefits. Protect Line Over 50s Life Cover is provided by OneFamily. Please note, the figures were correct at the time of publishing but may have since changed; all quotes are subject to application.

Below is several other pieces of information regarding OneFamily cover that you might like to know:

  • OneFamily are Defaqto 5-star rated as of 2023, the highest regard given by a highly renowned independent service that compares over 41,000 different financial products, rating them from 1 to 5 based on their features and benefits they offer
  • OneFamily won What Mortgage Awards Best life insurance provider (over 50s) in 2021
  • OneFamily insurance pays out on 100% of its claims (after the 24-month moratorium period) because, well, it’s the one thing we human people consistently do: die

The benefits of OneFamily life insurance are not just that your life is insured, and the celebration of your life is ensured – it’s the support and guidance provided to you in the here and now, so that your life, as you live it, is the best it possibly can be. Right up to the end.

OneFamily insurance offers more than over 50s life cover policies – it offers 100% protection for the second half of your life. They say that life begins at 50 – so insure the end of it at the very beginning.