Life insurance is a way to provide for your family once you're gone. It's a difficult thing to think about, because no-one wants to spend their time imagining how or when their life might end and the financial repurcussions this would have on their loved ones.

Life insurance is often thought of as a complicated product, but this isn't the case. The right policy for you is determined by a variety of factors. These include your health and lifestyle, age, whether you have children or grandchildren you wish to leave a lump sum to, or perhaps a mortgage to pay off.

Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, and the language and misconceptions surrounding it can make it a tricky subject to approach. Many people worry that life insurance rarely pays out but, on average, 98% of all life insurance claims made in the UK are paid out. In 2017 there was an average of £12.5 million paid out every single day! (ABI review 2017)

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Protect Line, making Life Insurance simple

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