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Legal and General

When you're living life to the full, it's often easy to forget just how quickly your situation can change. If the worst should happen, wouldn't you want to know you'd done all you could to protect your loved ones' financial security?

Established in 1836, Legal & General has 7 million customers. They are the UK's number one individual protection provider and have been for the past six years*. Legal & General won many awards in 2011, namely:

  • Best Term Assurance Provider
  • Best Life Assurance Provider
  • Best Critical Illness Cover Provider
  • Best Protection Provider

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  • We compare Legal and General Cover we search the market to find you the most suitable deals, based on your, budget needs and situation = more choice
  • Fast, simple and jargon-free. We handle it all over the phone, with no complicated questionnaires or forms to fill in - it's fast, simple and jargon-free
  • We guarantee monthly premiums so that you continue to benefit from great rates

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Protect Line will help you get the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones will be looked after if you're not around. We make the entire process simple, quick and stress-free, and one call is all it takes to get things underway.

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*Swiss Re Term & Health Watch Report 2011.

Protection plans with no investment element will have no cash in value at any time. If premiums are not maintained then cover will lapse.