Does Life Insurance cover Covid-19?

Yes. The process of applying and claiming for life insurance hasn’t changed due to Coronavirus. The only difference may be where there is a slight delay getting the application in place due to health or medical checks.

Can I take out life insurance during the pandemic?

Applying for life insurance is no different now than it was before. Insurers are still accepting life insurance applications, although some have now included coronavirus-related questions. These are around whether you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms. It could be that your application is slightly delayed if you are required to provide medical evidence.

Do insurance companies pay out for Coronavirus deaths?

If you or a loved one have to make a claim as a result of the Coronavirus, it would be handled like any other claim and subject to the usual policy terms and conditions.

Between 1 March and 31 May, British insurers received nearly 7,000 life insurance claims and paid £90m – the equivalent of £980,000 a day – to support families of people who passed away due to coronavirus, stats from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have revealed1. Every one of those claims were accepted.

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