Applying for Life Insurance

How do you work out the price of my life insurance?

We take the details you provide through our application process and send them off to the 13 life insurance providers on our panel. These include Legal & General, HSBC, Canada Life, AIG, Vitality, Aviva, Aegon, Royal London, LV, OneFamily, Scottish Widows, Zurich & The Exeter

The price of your policy is determined by 3 key factors – how much cover you need, how long you need the cover and how old you are/your health & lifestyle.

If you’re seen as a higher ‘risk’ to insurers, this will mean your premium payments each month will be more expensive.

The rule of thumb with life insurance is to take out a policy when you’re younger and therefore less likely to have developed medical conditions.

Some insurers are more tolerable to certain medical conditions than others so this may affect the cost.

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