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We’re here to help. We’re open 9:30am to 6:30pm Mon-Fri and closed on weekends and bank holidays.

If you have taken a Will online or by phone through our partners Farewill and have an enquiry, or need to speak to someone about your Will, you will need to contact our partner Farewill directly.

Examples of Will enquiries:

  • Updating your Will or personal details
  • Write a new Will
  • Add beneficiaries or make funeral arrangements
  • To revoke (delete/cancel) your Will

Protect Line is an insurance broker and provides you with the information you need from a range of products and insurers.
We do not manage your Will and cannot make any changes to your Will or legal documents. You should have received all necessary information and documentation regarding your Will either by post or email depending on the service you chose. Please contact our partner Farewill, who will be happy to help with any enquiries regarding your Will.

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Check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below

Who is Farewill? I thought I set up my Will with Protect Line?

Protect Line is an insurance broker; we provide you with all the information you need from a range of products and insurers. Farewill is a partner of Protect Line; when you followed our link on the Protect Line site to enquire, you left our website and moved to Farewill to complete your purchase. As you buy directly from them, they manage your Will and legal documents so we cannot make any changes to your Will or personal information.

How do I update or amend my Will?

After writing a Will with Farewill, you can log back into your account at any time to update your Will. Simply navigate to the section you want to update and make your changes. Then, when you’re done, click the button on the summary page to send your Will for checking.

You can update your Will or create a new one at any time. Only the most recently dated, signed and witnessed Will is legally valid. If you already have a Will from a solicitor or another provider, they may charge you up to £150+ to get this changed. It can therefore be cheaper to create a new one with Farewill, at our discounted rate of £75. If you purchase your Will from Farewill you can make any changes in the first year for free, with unlimited changes in the future for an on-going payment of £10 a year (optional).

When should I update my Will?

It’s recommended by Farewill that you update your Will every two years and after any major change in your life. This is to make sure that any changes in your circumstances are reflected in your Will. This includes things like:

  • You have a new child
  • You get engaged, married or divorced
  • You move house
  • You buy or sell any property
  • You inherit money or property
  • One of your executors, beneficiaries or guardians dies
  • You want to change who is inheriting your estate
  • You want to add a specific gift or message to someone you love
  • Inheritance tax legislation or the law governing Wills changes
Where's my Will and legal documents?

If you bought your Will through Farewill’s online Will service you can find your Will and any legal documents on your online account. You must download, print out and sign your Will alongside two witnesses. This is an essential step to make your Will legally binding as the law requires your Will to be a physical, signed document. If you don’t have access to a printer, Farewill are happy to send your Will in the post for an additional fee.

If you bought your Will over the phone through Farewill, your Will should get printed, bound in a nice folder, and sent to you in the post. If you are still waiting to receive your Will by post, please contact Farewill directly to track you order.

How do I revoke my Will?

The law in England and Wales allows for three ways someone can revoke their own Will.

  1. You can make another Will.
  2. You can sign a revocation provision.
  3. You can intentionally destroy the Will.

If you need support with any of these, Farewill can provide support.

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