What makes a lasting relationship?

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Posted 28th July 2016 by Lewis Murray


Carrying on our theme of celebrating relationships, we’ve also asked a handful more of our staff what makes a lasting relationship. It seems the perfect recipe is different to everyone, but it’s a nice reminder that every relationship may go through difficult times and everyone loves in different ways – you just have to find your perfect match, someone who’s compatible with you and accepts all your flaws, bringing out the best in you. See what our staff said:

“I think a lasting relationship is built on both trust and communication. If these two things are as strong as possible then there is no reason why a relationship wouldn’t last”

Jeremy, Senior Customer Protection Executive

‘For me I don’t think there is ever a perfect relationship, I believe that every couple will have difficulties but should have the ability to work through it & come out stronger each time! I believe you should be able to make each other laugh regularly, love them for their flaws as well as their strengths & try to always bring out the best in that person so they are reminded of how much & why you love them so much!’

Toni, Recruitment Manager

‘For me there are a few key ingredients required for a lasting relationship:

  • Honesty and loyalty
  • Fun & laughter
  • Romance, care and attention
  • Compromise
  • Patience and respect
  • Team work in conflict and times of trouble
  • Shared values
  • Supporting passions and dreams
  • Growing together in experience, knowledge and maturity
  • True understanding
  • Lots of love and communication

Amanda, HR Manager

Compromise, trust and the ability to make each other laugh 

Pete, Operations Manager

‘I think what makes a lasting relationship is being able to work through any problems that arise, communicate with each other effectively, understand the needs of your partner and always keep that spark alive. It helps if you’re compatible and complement each other, like yin and yang.’

Cydney, Creative Assistant

It’s important to take a step back every now and then and understand what works well in your relationship, taking time to appreciate your other half and what they do which makes your relationship thrive. So, what do you think makes a lasting relationship?