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Posted 4th January 2021 by Chris Reed

Do I need Life Insurance if I work part-time?

Isabel explains her story:

Mums & Dads that work part-time and aren’t the main breadwinners…

“Hi my name’s Isabel, I’m 25 and I have two young children aged 1 & 5. I work part-time and my partner runs and we live above a public-house restaurant.

I am the main source of childcare and my partner works all different types of shifts starting from earlies to lates and when I spoke to the life insurance broker Isabel on the phone she explained to me and expressed to me, if anything was to happen to me, what would happen with childcare, with is being such unsociable hours and not having family or friends nearby, how would my partner be able to work along with having two children, so it was so important for me to get this insurance out so we’re covered and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

I can’t even explain the importance, especially Mums & Dads that work part-time and aren’t the main breadwinners! You might think that your role isn’t important financially but what would happen if you weren’t here and something happened to you?

It’s so important and I cannot stress enough get the life insurance out. I got life insurance and critical care cover and it cost £14 a month for both, so there’s no excuse and you can choose how much you want to pay monthly how much you want your cover to come out.

Honestly, Mums, Dads, Guardians… I can’t explain how important it is to get life insurance out no matter if you work part-time, full-time your role is just as important so please, please get insurance out.”

Are you a working Parent considering your Life Insurance needs?

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