Garden Activities for Children

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Posted 26th August 2016 by Lewis Murray

While the British Summer holds out there’s still plenty of time to be had enjoying the garden. With more and more parents worried about how much screen time their children are exposed to, we want to share some fun and creative outside activities that don’t require any money and minimal effort, but (hopefully) hours of play time.

  • Messy play. It might not be fun cleaning up for the lucky parent but messy play is a great way for children to improve the sensory skills. You can use dry and wet foods that are in your cupboards or of course turn your little on into an artist with some water based paint and see what masterpiece they create. Being outside takes some of the stress of mess away, put down a few washable or waterproof blankets and if the weathers nice enough you can wash the mess off them after before returning inside.


  • Water play. Speaking from experience, water play can keep children occupied for hours. Again, using items you will already have in the household: a clean bucket, bath toys, clean kitchen equipment such as sieves and cups. A great way for children to learn and explore through water.
  • Gardening. From an early age it’s good to get children involved with growing plants, especially herbs and vegetables which is a great way to educate them on where food comes from as well as learning a variety of herbs, fruit and veg. From toddler years onward, they can help in the smallest ways, from sweeping up or watering the plants.


  • Build an insect hotel. Insect ‘hotel’s or ‘bug houses’ are great to promote wildlife, such as ladybirds, into the garden that your little one can discover and explore. Using sticks and wooden bits you can find in the garden. You can find tips on the RSPB website here.
  • Creating bubbles. Even for an adult, a lot of fun can be had with bubbles. Get the right ratio of washing up liquid and water in a bucket and try creating bubbles with your hands, you may even have a bubble wand lying around unused!


We hope these ideas have inspired you to make the most of the rest of the summer! Keep up with our latest blog posts and news on our Facebook Page.