Family Friendly Spooky Halloween Recipes

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Posted 21st October 2016 by Lewis Murray

With Halloween creeping up around the corner, we’ve been thinking of ways to get into the spooky spirit, quite literally. From ghouls to mummies, bats to broomsticks, we’ve rustled up some delicious family treats that you can make with your children. These are great alternatives to sugar loaded sweets and a fun way to engage the family with food.


These cheesy witch broomsticks are the perfect lunch box snack.


A ghoulish alternative to sweet afternoon treat. Find the recipe HERE.


Encourage your little ones to eat some veg with this gory ‘slugs and eyeball’ pasta from Food Network.


A fun way to get the little ones involved with cooking up a scary snack with these sausage ‘mummies’, recipe shared by Asda.


Sneak some more veg into this salsa dip along with the winged bat creatures, especially good to please any Batman fanatic.


And last but not least, we love this slimy bowl of eyeball pasta. You’ll have no trouble encouraging boys to gobble this up!

Which recipe is your favourite?