Posted 17th May 2021 by Chris Reed

Protect Line Appoints Pedro Coimbra Fernandes as Chief Financial Officer

Award-winning life insurance broker Protect Line welcome Pedro Coimbra Fernandes to their ever-growing organisation as Chief Financial Officer. Protect Line have grown to 270 employees… Read More

Posted 5th May 2021 by Chris Reed

Making Life Insurance Accessible For Younger Generations

Life Insurance can be a scary topic. Many people avoid the entire conversation of death, but it’s not their fault! Yes, talking about death can… Read More

Posted 4th February 2021 by James Holden

Who is most likely to cancel life insurance?

Leading life insurance broker Protect Line has released and studied the cancellation data of 10,822 of its customers. The statistics give an interesting insight… Read More

Posted 29th January 2021 by Chris Reed

Smokers Are 57% More Likely To Cancel Their Life Insurance

Shocking stats show that smokers are 57% more likely to cancel their life insurance policy than non-smokers. These figures released by Protect… Read More