Posted 10th February 2020 by Lara Maynard

Give the gift of love to your future self

I had to remove the words ‘life insurance’ (ssssh) from the title of this story because well, would you really have read any further? Probably… Read More

Posted 27th January 2020 by Lara Maynard

10 Reasons why Life Insurance is really Love Insurance

Life Insurance is not a topic on anyone’s small-talk list, but Love is something we’ll talk about all day long. So what if, with a… Read More

Posted 22nd January 2020 by Lara Maynard

Don’t leave life insurance until the view is from your hospital bed

Life is busy; life is too busy to stop and appreciate what we have around us, that is until life stops you - stops you dead in your tracks and the only view of the sea is the tiny glimpse, through the trees, from your hospital bed. Read More

Posted 15th May 2018 by Lara Maynard

Families & Life Insurance – Why It’s So Important

Life insurance is a challenging product to explain correctly. In today’s fast-paced world, we’re used to getting something quickly and seeing the benefits almost immediately. Read More