18 Things We Wish We Knew In Our 20s

18 Things We Wish We Knew In Our 20s Thumbnail

Posted 19th April 2021 by Chris Reed


Why did no one tell us about these?

Sadly, some lessons in life we just have to learn the hard way. Other times we can benefit from the wisdom from the people around us. School never taught us some of the most critical lessons in life.

If the last year has taught us anything it’s the importance of the people around us. Many of us have taken the opportunity to stop, reflect and decide what is really important. At Protect Line we wanted to share some of our combined wisdom in the hope it will help someone out there. Here are 18 things we wish we’d known in our 20’s:

Learn fast how to invest money never try and change people Develop the habit of excercise asking for help is a strengh try to not focus too much on the future or the past. happiness is all about today communicate as your best self protect the ones you love, with life insurance. While it is cheap you are enough as you are you can forgive yourself for your mistakes your girlfriend or boyfriend isn't your soulmate. Unless they are. You won't know yet. Don't sweat it. focus on new experiences not money take time to find your tribe it's ok if you are single keep your living expenses low investin in your family. they wont be here for ever It's ok to try new things no one is perfect, so you don't have to be either Uni is not always the smart choice

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